Quality Network for Estonian Students

Quality Network for Estonian Students

Have you thought that the internship is not as useful as it could be, or are there good examples of cooperation with different organisations in your higher education institution (HEI)? Which way of giving feedback to school management, teaching or your own studies could be the most effective? Which opportunities would contribute to students’ participation in science, or is this something that should be first encountered during doctoral studies? These are just some of the questions to discuss in the Quality Network. Even if you do not have all the answers, your opinions and ideas as a student matter!

Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA) in cooperation with the Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) has launched the Quality Network for Estonian Students.

The aim of the network is to increase the ability and contribution of students analyzing topics related to studies in HEIs and finding the best solutions.

The network is a collaboration platform for students where you can share good practices, analyze the problems of studies and find solutions to them. While doing so, the analyzes and views of student councils, EÜL and HAKA are taken into account.

Members of the network can also be experts whom HAKA involves in its own and other quality agencies’ activities.

In addition, the network is an incubator platform which supports new initiatives with the help of both network members and other students. Initiatives are brought to life in HEIs precisely in those areas in which the contribution of students is important. The actual activities in the HEI undoubtedly depend on the expectations of the specific HEI and the student council

Why join?

  • New knowledge and skills that are helpful in solving various challenges: e.g. knowledge and skills about quality assurance, development planning, negotiations;
  • opportunity to influence higher education area;
  • volunteering experience;
  • meaningful trainings, discussions and other thematic events both in Estonia and abroad;
  • new contacts and social network;
  • opportunity to apply to international evaluation committees as a student expert.

NB! You do not need to be a member of your HEI’s student council or other student organisation to join the network.

In the application, please provide the following information:

  • name;
  • HEI, major, degree and year of starting studies;
  • email address, phone number;
  • are you connected to a student council or any other student organisation;
  • a short explanation of why you are interested in joining the network.
Applying in 2023/24. school year was open until 30th of September!
Please be aware that this school year the network works only in Estonian.

Applying and additional information: Kristin Pintson, kvaliteedivorgustik@eyl.ee